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Our 24 Cream Chargers are ideal for the catering industry, especially restaurants, cafes and caterers. Our MOSA approved Cream Chargers and dispensers will not only save you money in the long-term but also give your tastes and extra dimension. Dream Cream’s chargers are of the highest quality and not comparable to any other cream chargers on the market.

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Carton of 24-Mosa Brand �

These are the primary banded cream chargers from Mosa factory of Taiwan. Mosa has been producing N2O and CO2 cartridges since 2003, and their quality has improved substantially. Many of the other US brands are produced in this same factory, such as Bestwhip� Nitro� and other brands. Used extensively in food service applications; Mosa utilizes high tech manufacturing for a reliable , high quality product.

This is a package of 24 Nitrous Oxide cream charger. Whipped Mosa is sold in 24 pack cartons-we offer several different package configurations: 24 pack, mini case of 240 910 x 24 packs) and master cases of 25 boxes of 24 (600 chargers). Compatible with all of our dispensers, we assure consistency and 100% compatibility.

  • Manufacturer: Taiwan
  • Gas Production: Linde
  • Point of Export: Taiwan
  • Notes: Compatible with all standard whip cream dispensers including iSi, Kayser, Mosa, Bestwhip, Liss

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