Quality Statement

Our discipline and service leadership ensures the quality of our products.

We control our quality with integrity

Comply with International standards

We keep accurate and honest results

NTV-Group is aware of the high degree of responsibility to society and future generations, making a maximum effort to reduce its potential negative impact on the environment and promoting social development in all regions of its activity.


Since 1987, when our founders established Ntv-Group, they have the belief that bringing only the best quality is the only right thing to do. They believe this act will pave the road to the company’s lasting success. This legacy has sustained us for more than 35 years. Today, New Trade Vision is a national leader in high quality agricultural commodity supplies, as well as the leader in nourishing our people. We stay committed to this belief and all our customers, employees, farmers, and communities count on us to hold onto this commitment -Ntv-Group continuing success story depends on it.

Ayman A. Haoula, CEO of New Trade Vision Group
Email: [email protected]